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Where to Buy a Russian Watch
Updated 20 February 2015 by Editor,

See also, Best Prices, Deals & Special Offers, Tips on Buying a Russian Watch

If you are going to buy a Russian watch, it's generally a good idea to purchase it from an official, authorized seller. Manufacturers may not honor warranties on watches purchased from unauthorized sellers.

Below is a list of online stores where you can buy a Russian watch. Russian Watch Guide does not endorse these sites -- this list is strictly informational.

eBay Sellers

Ebay is probably the most popular place to buy a Russian watch and that's where you usually find the best prices, especially if you are looking for Vostok watches. Many of the major retailers sell on eBay but there are also independent sellers of varying reputation. The trick is to know who is a good seller and who isn't. For this purpose we have prepared these tips for buying a Russian watch on eBay.

Authorized Online Sellers

Russia2All (USA)
Russia2all has been selling Russian watches since 1999 and is an authorized retailer for most major Russian brands including Aviator, Buran, Sturmanskie, Poljot, Vostok-Europe and Denissov.

Smirs (Russia)
Smirs is an authorized retailer for most Russian watch brands. They have a huge selection of brands and models, and reasonable prices. However, they are based in Russia which can occasionally cause shipping or customer service concerns.

P. Maier Russian Watches Shop (Germany)
Exclusive distributor of Aviator, Buran, Sturmanskie, Vostok Europe, Denissov and Vostok in Germany. A good option for European buyers. (Germany)
Authorized seller of Raketa, Vostok and Moscow Classic.

Red Army Watches (Singapore)
Has retail stores in Singapore and Indonesia.

Official online seller of Raketa watches

Other Online Sellers

Below is a list of other online stores that sell Russian watches. This list includes authorized and unauthorized sellers. As previously mentioned, the manufacturer may not honor the warranty if you buy from an unofficial seller. (Germany) - Trusted seller in business since 1992, sells Poljot, Vostok and Buran. Offers 2-year warranty. Reputation for excellent service.

Aurelia Luxury Jewellery (UK) - New online store specializes in Nika gold watches and commission pieces by Konstantin Chaykin.

ShopNBC (USA) - Sells Vostok-Europe. ShopNBC is a US TV-shopping channel.

MegaWatchStore (Netherlands) - Sells several Russian brands including Aviator, Vostok and Vostok-Europe (Russia) - Online catalog provides good photographs of the watches they sell, including dimensions

Rugift (Russia) - Sells Molnija, Slava, Maktime and other brands. Some orders ship from Russia, some ship from USA

Amazon (USA) - Good prices on some Vostok-Europe models

Les Montres Russes (France)

Vostok-Europe USA - Official Vostok-Europe USA website, affiliated with

Kevin's Russian Time (USA) - Sells Vostok. Authorized agent for the sale of Boctok/Vostok parts. (USA) - Sells Moscow Classic and occasionally other brands

Kenmar Watches (USA) - Sells Moscow Classic watches at good prices (Germany) (Switzerland)

RLT Watches (UK) (UK) - Sells Vostok, Vostok Europe and Moscow Classic watches (USA) - Sometimes has good prices on some Vostok-Europe models (USA) - Associated with Used to sell several Russian brands but seems to have exhausted their inventory. It doesn't appear they will be getting new Russian models anytime soon. (USA) - Used to sell some Vostok-Europe watches but haven't seen any there lately. Based in New York

CLOSED - RussArmy (USA) - Former, US-based supplier of Vostok watches, some rebranded with the RussArmy logo. Site is now a watches top ten list.

CLOSED - RusPluss (USA)


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