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Repairing a Russian Watch
Updated 5 Apr 2014 by Editor,

We know you love your Russian watch, but what happens if it stops working and needs repair? In fact, a fairly common email we receive here at Russian Watch Guide is "Where can I get my Russian watch repaired?"

First, check if your watch is still under warranty. To find out if your watch is under warranty, and to get recommendations on how to get it repaired, contact the dealer that sold you the watch.

Warranty coverage will depend on the brand of watch and where you bought it. For example, if you bought the watch at Russia2all, the warranty is likely 2 to 4 years. By the way, Russia2all uses for all their warranty and non-warranty repairs. They are an option for North American repairs.

One UK shop that works on Russian watches is

In some cases you may need to ship the watch back to the manufacturer to claim the warranty.

Depending on where you live, a local watch repair shop may be able to service your watch, though many may have never worked on a Russian watch before and may be reluctant to take on the job since they don't know how to get parts.

Watch repair can be expensive. A recent minor repair and cleaning on my Swiss-made Breitling B-2 cost over $500. If your watch didn't cost a lot of money (such as a $60 Vostok Amfibia for example) it is often easier and more cost effective to simply buy a new watch and replace it.

Another option is to attempt your own watch repair. You can buy a watch repair kit on eBay. A watch repair kit is great to have on-hand for changing links and other minor repairs o adjustments. Plus, it's fascinating to open-up a broken old mechanical watch and poke around inside.

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