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Information for Collectors of Vintage Russian Watches
Updated 12 June 2009 by Editor,

Russian Watch Guide deals primarily with modern, recently-manufactured Russian watches that are currently available for retail sale.

However, Russian watches have a long, rich history and many vintage models are bought and sold on the internet. Also, there are a number of Russian watch enthusiasts and collectors who specialize in older, classic Russian watches. Some have extensive watch collections and a great love for Russian watch style, tradition and technology.

In this article, we will look at some of the resources available to Russian watch collectors, or anyone who might have an interest in older, used Russian watches.

Collectors' Sites

USSR Time is a site dedicated to Soviet-era clocks and watches. The editor of this site, Mark Gordon, owns more than 1200 Russian clocks and watches. On his site, Mr. Gordon shares pictures and information about the watches in his huge collection.

Here's an interesting fact from the USSR Time website: "In 1972, the First Moscow Watch Factory, alone, produced more than 3,500,000 mechanical watches for domestic consumption and export to more than sixty countries around the world."

Russian Times is another excellent collector's site. Here you'll find stunning pictures of the collector's watches, plus valuable historical and technical information.

Ticking Russian is another fine collection of Russian watches. This collector keeps a blog too.

USSR Watches is a little different from the previous sites. Here users can upload and share pictures of watches from their own collections.

Three more good collector's sites worth checking out are Michele Cuoccio's Russian Watches Website, Watches of the Soviet Union and Russian/Soviet Wrist Watches.

Getting Advice from Collectors

Most Russian watch collectors share information freely and exchange knowledge on forums and message boards. These are also great places for newbies to get their questions answered.

The most active forums are at Watchgeeks, BDWF, Watchuseek and The Watch Forum.

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