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Review: Raketa 24 Hour Watch
Updated 19 Mar 2008 by Editor,

The Raketa 24 hour watch is definitely a unique timepiece. Unlike other watches, the hour hand of this Raketa registers 24 hours instead of 12 hours each time the hour hand sweeps 360 degree around the face. It's a little tricky to read at times, and the face has a busy appearance, but it is unique.

Raketa 24-hour Watch I purchased this watch in 2005 from an Ebay seller. Cost, including shipping, was about $50.

I love the look of this watch. However, the quality is not good. It's a flimsy watch. The face rattles when I shake it. Yet, surprisingly, despite the unnerving rattle, the watch keeps good time, for a mechanical wind-up watch. It loses less than 10 seconds per day.

I've taken the watch apart and tried to fix the rattle without success. It seems to me that the rotating bezel broke loose during shipping. Whatever the case, the watch is light and doesn't appear durable. And even if it didn't break during shipping, I'm sure I would have broken it with regular wear.

I've read on watch forums that the quality of modern Raketa watches does not compare to that of older Soviet-era Raketa watches.

To be honest, I'm so intrigued by the look of this watch that I plan to buy another Raketa 24 hour in a different color and style, simply to compare the quality. At fifty bucks a pop, I think it is worth a shot to see if I can get one that doesn't rattle.


24 hour dial
Rotating bezel
Central second hand
16 jewel movement
Accurate to within -20 and +40 seconds per day
Totally wound watches run not less than 42 hours
Leather strap

Cost: About $50

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