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Glossary of Watch Terms

24 hour watch: This type of watch registers 24 hours for each 360 degree sweep of the hour hand, as opposed to the usual 12 hours.

alarm: A watch function that gives an audible signal, usually a beep, at a preset time.

analog watch: A watch that shows the time using hour and minute hands. A digital watch, for comparison, uses a digital display.

automatic watch: A mechanical watch that is wound by the movement of the person wearing the watch. This watch is said to be self-winding.

automatic winding: See self-winding

aviator watch: Style of watch that includes features typically used by pilots. Many Russian watches are aviator watches. Sometimes called a pilot's watch.

band: See strap  

bezel: The ring around the face of the watch. On some watches this may be rotated to perform a particular function such as a time or mathematical calculation.

bracelet: Metal band that goes around the wearer's wrist.

buckle: Part for connecting the strap or bracelet.

calendar: A common feature that displays the date on the face of the watch.

case: The body of the watch that contains the movement.

chronograph: Type of watch that includes a stopwatch.

chronometer: Mechanical Swiss watches that meet certain quality standards may be certified as chronometers.

crown: Knob on the watch used to set the time and date, or to wind the watch.

crystal: The transparent cover on a watch. Often made of synthetic sapphire or acrylic plastic.

dial: See face

digital watch: A watch that shows the time using digits, not hands.

diving watch: A watch designed for diving that is water resistant to 200 meters.

face: Part of watch that displays the time.

glass: See crystal

hand: Part of watch that indicates the hour, minute or second.

jewels: Synthetic sapphires or rubies used in the watch movement. The jewels reduce friction to make the watch more accurate and longer lasting.

lugs: The strap or bracelet is attached to the lugs.  

mainspring: The spring that powers the watch.

mechanical watch: A watch that uses a movement powered by a mainspring. The spring may be wound by turning the crown, or it may be self-winding. There is no battery in a mechanical watch. Most Russian watches are mechanical watches.

movement: The inner mechanism of a watch that keeps time and moves the watch's hands and calendar.  

quartz movement: A movement powered by a quartz crystal. Quartz watches are generally more accurate and cheaper than mechanical watches.  

replica watch: Cheap imitation of a better-quality, more-expensive watch. Sometimes called a counterfeit watch.

screw-lock crown: A crown that can be screwed into the case to seal it against water. Common on diving watches.

self-winding: See automatic watch

shock resistant: Refers to the watch's ability to withstand impact.

stem: See crown

stopwatch: A watch with a second hand that measures intervals of time.

strap: Part of watch that goes around the wearer's wrist made of leather, rubber or a synthetic material.

sweep second hand: Second hand that moves smoothly without starts and stops.

titanium: A common watch material. Titanium is stronger and lighter than stainless steel, but has a duller appearance.

water resistant: Refers to the watch's ability to withstand water. For example, some watches may be worn swimming or diving without damaging them because they are highly water resistant.

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