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Tips on Buying a Russian Watch
Updated 12 Feb 2009 by Editor,

Most new Russian watches range from $28 to $300 so you don't need to spend a lot of money to own a Russian watch. Of course, you can spend thousands of dollars for special edition or gold watches if you wish.

The most popular brands of Russian watches are Vostok, Vostok-Europe, Volmax and Poljot. Volmax markets watches under the Aviator, Buran and Sturmanskie brands. Other Russian brands include Denissov, Maktime, Moscow Classic, Orion, Raketa, Rekord and Slava.

In general, watches by Volmax, Vostok-Europe, Poljot, Denissov and Maktime are very good quality.

Vostok watches are also good quality, though they generally sell at a lower price point. For example, a typical Vostok watch costs between $50 and $100. For someone on a tight budget who is looking to buy a Russian mechanical watch, Vostok is a good choice.

Raketa, Orion and Slava watches don't cost a lot of money, but the quality generally is not as good as the brands previously mentioned.

Some Russian watches are not actually manufactured in Russia. For example, Vostok-Europe watches are assembled in Lithuania using Russian-made movements. Some Volmax watches use Swiss movements. Some Orion watches use Hong Kong parts. If you prefer to own a "100% made in Russia" watch, check with the seller before you buy.

Buyers are sometimes confused whether a particular watch is made by Poljot or by Volmax. Volmax is a young company founded by ex-Poljot employees. They purchased equipment from the Poljot factory and some of their watches use Poljot movements. For this reason, some retailers refer to Volmax watches as Poljot watches. However, this is not strictly accurate. Volmax watches do not use the Poljot brand name or logo on their watches. The Volmax brands are Aviator, Buran, Sturmanskie and a new brand called Russian Watch Factory or RChZ.

It's advisable to buy from an official supplier or an established and reputable watch dealer. The manufacturer's warranty may not be honored if the watch is not purchased from an official supplier.

Things to Check with the Seller

Here's a list of points to check with the seller before you buy:

● Is the seller an official supplier for the particular brand you are buying?

● Will the watch be shipped from Russia or elsewhere?

● How much will shipping cost? How long will it take? Will I have to pay duties?

● Is the watch made in Russia? Is the movement made in Russia?

● Does it come with an English manual?

● Is any writing on the face or back of the watch in English or Russian? (Is it made for the domestic market or the international market?)

● What are the exact dimensions?

● What is the return policy?

● What is the warranty policy?

Where to Buy a Russian Watch

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