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Best Prices, Deals and Special Offers
by Editor,

Looking for the best prices on Russian watches? Here's a guide to getting the best price on Vostok, Vostok-Europe, Raketa, Aviator and other popular Russian brands.

Make sure you check out the comments at the bottom of the page for more deals. If you know of a great price, sale or special offer, please post it.

eBay Deals

eBay is the most popular online venue for buying and selling Russian watches and that's where you will generally find the best prices.

One eBay seller in particular has earned a reputation for safe, fast service and low prices. That is The Zenitar Store. Zenitar specialzies in Vostok and is the best place to buy a Vostok watch.

If you are considering other eBay sellers, read the article Buying a Russian Watch on eBay. Here are a few current eBay listings.

Amazon Deals

Amazon has good prices on some Vostok-Europe watches. However, they do not have a broad selection of other brands. If you are looking for Vostok-Europe, make sure you check their prices. Here's a listing of a few current offers.

Russia2all and The Watch Komrade Show

Russia2All sometimes offers clearance items on their site. Also keep an eye out for their newsletter specials which often include coupon codes for further savings. They also frequently offer special freebies or gifts along with watch purchases.

More Deals

If you know of a good deal on a Russian watch, post it below. We also encourage online sellers to post their special offers here. No private sales please. Only sales of new Russian watches from recognized online sellers are permitted.

Note that HTML is disabled to control spam. So you will need to cut and paste the URLs.

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